For the past four decades, the legislature in Connecticut has given us nothing but increased spending and higher taxes to cater to special interest groups. We need fresh ideas to grow the middle class and help protect families who are suffering from these bad policies.


Law enforcement is the key for a safe society. My incumbent opponent was a major supporter of the recent anti-police legislation and my other opponent wants even more legislation against the police. Defunding our police departments is not the answer. Our men and women in blue deserve better. When faced with life and death situations, they are always there on the front lines for all citizens. I will support legislation that not only reverses the damage done by anti-police sentiment, but also encourages local departments to have more presence in the community by establishing foot patrols and the reopening of sub-stations. Citizens need to feel safe when they walk the streets of New Haven and West Haven.


My incumbent opponent is a gun-grabber. In the aftermath of the horrible events at Sandy Hook, Connecticut gun laws became some of the strictest in the nation. One of the elements of this law was funding for mental health. Yet, my opponent and the past Democratic governor did not fund mental health as they promised. Instead, they defunded mental health and closed mental health clinics, including one in West Haven. Law abiding gun owners must be protected and not punished. I will support legislation that will place the repercussions where they belong, not on law abiding gun owners, but on the criminals, who maim and kill people on the streets of New Haven and West Haven.


Connecticut continues to be in economic crisis. My opponent supported the largest tax increase since the income tax was imposed. Instead of finding ways to cut runaway spending, he supported an agreement for state workers that extended their benefits and job security years beyond what any middle-class private sector worker would ever see in their lifetime. While the working-class private sector struggles daily to pay their high taxes and sacrifice to stay afloat, the State continues promoting bloated budgets and runs deficits. And for those taxpayers who have had enough, they are leaving the state constantly. This cycle must come to an end if Connecticut is ever to survive and regain solvency and financial security for all.


My opponent also supports the implementation of tolls. Connecticut pays the highest rates in the nation to repair roads and bridges. I will fight against tolls and fight for the people of my district, many of whom commute to work on our highways and cannot bear this additional cost. I will find ways to reduce the cost of maintaining our infrastructures, by introducing legislation that caps costs rather than continue to use the current laws that encourages costs that are not competitive with the market. We cannot continue to tax and spend while still enduring roads and bridges that are crumbling and in constant disrepair.


As I watch business after business close their doors forever or leave Connecticut, I wonder who is going to be the last to turn out the light. My opponent was a huge proponent of the increased electric costs which many of you have seen in recent bills. Connecticut has one of the highest costs of electricity in the nation. This madness and attack on businesses must come to an end. I will propose the reduction of business taxes and fees as well as laws that impede the growth of business by lifting restrictive legislation on businesses. Connecticut needs to become a leader and champion of businesses again. Business losses equal job losses and that equation works against the economic survival of the hard-working people in my district.

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